After writing the post [How veeam saved my day (at homelab)] (/2015/01/22/How-veeam-saved-my-day.html) and some DMs and mentions about it, I’m writing some-detailed how-to. Enjoy it :)

When I restarted my VCSA appliance, It got stuck on boot, showing nothing, being unresponsive and consuming 100% CPU, so I tried to recover from Veeam Backup v8( thank to Veeam for the NFR! ). I had some big troubles because my ESX host was dependant from VCSA and Veeam couldn’t contact vCenter Server for registering and deploying the new machine.

Searching on Google I stumbled upon a post in Veeam forum who directed me to the solution.

  1. Open the Veeam B&R console and press the “Backup Infrastructure” button veeam backup infrastructure

  2. Open the “Managed Servers” display list veeam backup managed servers

  3. Right clic on “VMware vSphere” and “Add Server” veeam backup managed servers

  4. Add the server. If you used IP for adding it on your vCenter, use FQDN to add it on Veeam. If you used FQDN, use IP. veeam backup managed servers

Now you can do a new restore, on the new host and overwrite the old one, recovering the VCSA